Gurnos Estate – Merthyr Tydfil

Gurnos Estate – Merthyr Tydfil providing External Wall insulation, Roofing, Rain Screen Cladding
The Company was successful with two tenders and appointed as principal contractor to complete works to 72 houses on lot 1 and 68 houses on lot 2, which was at the Gurnos estate, Merthyr Tydfil. Whilst completing these works we were also issued with a variation order to complete three blocks of 4 storey flats.

The works involved:

  • The completion of External Wall insulation using the Rockwool insulation system and associated works
  • The associated works included roof extension to the gable end of the Wimpey no fines properties
  • Replacement insulated roofs on the 4 storey flats
  • Replacement heating systems
  • Replacement windows
  • Installation of the Rockpanel rain screen cladding system
  • Loft insulation
  • Associated building works.

The contract was funded through the CESP scheme and commenced with various staged handovers and all work was completed to schedule and budget.

Added Value
Offering a wider service to private properties. Whilst completing the works for Merthyr Valley Homes, we also secured funding from Scottish Power to offer the private homes owner works to their properties for a small fee. We entered in to direct contract with the private individual and where possible completed the works at the same time as we completed the works to the neighbouring Merthyr Valley Homes properties. Although we offered it to all private home owners, only 13 decided to have the works completed.

The Company employed a school leaver from Gurnos as a part of our community benefits obligations. He has remained with the company and is now a full time qualified employee. Joyner Group also employed some labour, mainly long term unemployed, who are residents of the Merthyr Valley Homes properties. In addition to the above we provided employment to 23 local residents which included scaffolders, gas technicians, labourer, semi-skilled staff and TV and Satellite installation operative.

Working with local business

The Joyner Group, where possible, employ local companies and suppliers to aid in the delivery of the majority of its contracts. This is in line with our social and ethical responsibilities to put something back into the communities within which we work.  In this particular case two scaffolding companies, who employed staff residing in the Merthyr area, were used. In addition were also Merthyr Valley Homes frame work contractors Solar Windows and Colin Laver heating, who also employ labour local to the work site. Design and Manufacture Ltd, who are based in the Pant estate, completed all metal work for the project and lastly a start-up business, GB contractors, was recruited to complete enabling works.

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