Housing energy efficiency improvements in Markham

Our Solution

Warm Wales and Charter housing had a bid for £1.6m ‘Arbed’ grant funding to carry out energy efficiency improvements to properties in Markham approved by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The £1.6m grant has helped to fund a £2.3m programme of energy efficiency improvements to both Charter’s 124 homes and other private/public sector housing in Markham. Measures include  insulated external render, solar hot water and PV.

Additional funding was sought by Warm Wales and NPower from CESP and CERT funding to pay for other measures, including home energy assessment surveys, loft insulation, new gas connections and central heating systems for solid fuel properties, upgrades to heating systems, and real time energy use display units.

Key facts

  • Total properties: 624
  • Total number of proposed measures: 2,154
  • Total cost of programme: £2.3 Million
  • Potential energy bill savings to homes: £169,129 per annum
  • 10 Trainees employed
  • 10 Trainees funded
  • 99% of staff employed locally

The Results
The project has run from October 2010  to May 2011 and Joyner Group are completing the external wall insulation and the roofing on the project.

Phase 1 of Arbed has been focused specifically on energy efficiency improvements to homes in economically deprived communities.

The first phase has seen 176 houses completed with over half of the works completed on private properties for a small fee as part of the scheme. The scheme has also completely transformed the look of the old mining village.

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