What is EWI

External wall insulation systems (EWI) have developed into an innovative solution, improving structural, thermal performance and enhanced aesthetics. EWI is insulation that is fixed to the exterior of a building, and then rendered to give a protective finish.

There are a number of finishes that can match your requirements. The finish can replicate stone, brick, tile, or weatherboard, but most commonly a rendered or pebble dash finish – whatever you choose to get the right decorative look for the property.

What are the benefits of external wall insulation?

    • Savings on heating bills – reducing heat loss through walls can save up to 45%
    • Improved comfort – a warm, dry house without condensation or damp
    • Enhanced appearance – through our high-quality external finishes
    • Increased property value – a more energy efficient home with an attractive facade
    • Low maintenance – the highly durable render is rain and UV-proof
    • Help the environment – reducing heat loss reduces the home’s carbon footprint
    • Low impact project – no need to vacate the house or even move the furniture, as all the work takes place outside
    • No effect on internal space – all the insulation is on the outside walls