How we work with you

As a company Joyner Group believes in the partnership approach. Our aim is to deliver a world class service to all our clients. The company prides itself in being able to communicate effectively, take the time to understand the client’s needs and take a pro-active role in enabling the client to achieve their vision.

To enable this to happen we have implemented unique internal systems, all audited and managed within the confines of UKAS ISO accreditation’s. These are management tools that do not define the business but allow it to be in control of its activities. These are definitive routes to success that are specifically designed to be adaptable to the client’s needs. We understand that all our clients have their own unique methods of contract delivery.

Our systems allow integration; identify continuous improvement opportunities and deliver solutions. Joyner Group work with the client, its sub-contractors and its supply chain to establish the most effective route to successful, cost effect and timely completion of any contract it undertakes. Customer care is a prime requisite, regardless of if it is for the individual home owner or for the large corporate entity. Each contract the Joyner Group delivers offers a learning experience and a further opportunity to ensure continuous improvement, and it has been doing this successfully for over 35 years.

As a client you can rest assured that the experience of working with Joyner Group will be a painless one, one that you would be happy to repeat and recommend to others.