We were appointed as specialist contractor to apply the EWI system for the project at Oakwood in Maesteg. The project was funded through the Welsh Assembly, Arbed Scheme, Valleys 2 Coast Housing, CESP and CERT.

We were appointed as main contractor to complete the first phase of the properties after the original main contractor employed went into administration.

Although the majority of the works were completed in the worst winter we have seen for a number of years, this contract was completed on time and within budget. The properties received significant works with structural alterations, roofing, heating, windows and doors forming part of the works being completed.

Key Works

    • External Wall insulation which included Dashing, acrylic and Brick Slip finishes
    • Replacement roof’s including strengthening support
    • Replacement windows and doors
    • Structural repairs and wall tie replacements
    • Loft insulation
    • Replacement heating systems

Key facts

    • Total properties in Oakwood: 151
    • Total number of proposed measures: 525
    • Total cost of programme: £5m
    • Total potential energy saving £47,432 per annum
    • 95% of staff employed from local communities
    • 8 Trainees
    • 9 employees from the estate

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