Joyner Group has been replacing roofs for several years whilst completing EWI projects and are now able to provide services to stand alone roofing projects.

We have experience of replacing the following types of roofs:

Light weight roofing –
Working on non-traditional properties we have applied Light Weight roofing systems to hundreds of houses over the last decade. Lightweight Roofing is specified for many non-traditional housing refurbishment projects, as the systems offers a vast amount of benefits such extra security, a significant reduction of strain on supporting structures, ease of application and greatly improved aesthetics.

Traditional roofing –
For over 25 years we have been completing the replacement and refurbishment of roofs using traditional slate and tiles. Our works have seen us stripping back a meter section, and replacing the felt to the total replacement of roofs. In addition we complete lead works, removal of chimney, fascia, Soffit and gutter replacements

Insulated flat roofing-
We have completed several refurbishments of flat roofs, including completely stripping off the failing system and replacing it and also overlaying the existing system. Our experience has seen us use a variety of systems to suit the individual needs of the project. From the completion of technical testing methods we determine the scope of works required.